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Aurelia Resources Documentation - v3.0.0


A plugin skeleton for creating Aurelia plugins written using TypeScript. Supports testing, different formats and more.

Aurelia TypeScript Skeleton

  • Supports multiple module formats including; AMD, CommonJS, Native modules and more
  • Works with Aurelia CLI, Webpack and JSPM based Aurelia applications
  • Build an Aurelia plugin using TypeScript
  • Supports testing using Jest
  • Supports linting using TSLint
  • Automatically handles copying of assets including; HTML, CSS and JSON
  • Comes configured with support for SCSS


Run the following Node scripts defined in the package.json file to perform linting, testing, building and more.

Lint: yarn lint Test: yarn test Build: yarn build

There are more scripts defined in the package.json file if you want greater control over the build process and other aspects of this plugin.


  • src this is where your .ts files go. They get compiled into the respective dist folders for each module type.
  • dist automatically transpiled/generated modules go in here, don't edit anything here.
  • styles the root styles directory is where your styles go. These are then put into the dist folder so your modules can include/reference any styles.

Aurelia CLI Support

This plugin skeleton exports an AMD module format which the Aurelia CLI currently consumes.

"dependencies": [
    "name": "my-cool-package",
    "path": "../node_modules/my-cool-package/dist/amd",
    "main": "somefile",
    "env": "dev"

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